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 Frank Kitts Park




Frank Kitts Park was designed to provide a relaxing, flexible spot, sheltered from the prevailing northerly winds. It hosts a huge range of events and as well as being a popular meeting place for lunch, the area also includes a playground for children to play in. Plans are afoot to spend $4M on "upgrading" Frank Kitts Park. We are watching these plans with great interest. Do we really need to spend $4M on what is already a popular park?

Teddy Bear's Picnic January 2011







While there has been many other functions for families over the summer and apart from more play equipment, Waterfront Watch feel, there is no need for millions of dollars to be spent on re-arranging the park to accommodate a Chinese Garden. This should be placed in the "transition: zone" near Te Papa, which the Chinese community indicated was their preferred option.

Who says Frank Kitts Park, doesn't work?

Images from the Wellington Dragon Boat Festival, 17 March 2012. Dragon Boats 01Dragon Boats 02Dragon Boats 03Dragon Boats 04Dragon Boats 05Dragon Boats 06Dragon Boats 07

Kumutoto (Sites 8, 9, 10)

The new Meridian building, and the area around it, is called "Kumutoto".  Whilst appreciating some of the popular public space improvements in this area, we note with great concern the plans to build several huge buildings on Sites 8, 9 and 10 (roughly the remaining car-parking area).  

In the opinion of the members of Waterfront Watch the planned buildings would be completely out of place in an area which should be retained for the public’s enjoyment and freedom of access to all of the present amenities.  It is anticipated that some of the proposed buildings will cast objectionable shadows, will create wind disturbances and will obstruct views and view shafts.  

As well as concern at the prospective loss of this precious land, there is bound to be public opposition to long-term leases which the Council is likely to propose for the sites.  We watch with real concern  the development of these sites.

Come and Help Us!

If the projects above are of concern to you, then come and join us and help protect our magnificent waterfront.

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